Allow localhost/insecure websites to access webcam/microphone on Firefox

On my daily development I came across the issue navigator.mediaDevices is undefined when testing a website I’m developing on Firefox browser. While the fix for Google Chrome is widely known, I didn’t find anything about Firefox and decided to dig deeper myself. Turns out the fix is pretty simple.

  • On the address bar of Firefox type about:config
  • Accept and continue
  • Search for insecure
  • Set media.devices.insecure.enabled and media.getusermedia.insecure.enabled flag to true

That should do it!! The next time you open your website, Firefox will ask your permissions for webcam/microphone.

Compiling and Serving Assets (JavaScript/CSS) in Production Environment -Rails 6

In order to server assets in Production environment; assets are first compiled and put into /public/assets directory. So, first you need to run the following command to compile the assets.

RAILS_ENV=production rails assets:precompile

It is encouraged to serve static content using NGINX/Apache. But if you want rails to serve the contents add/modify the following line on production.rb

config.public_file_server.enabled = true

In case you are facing anomaly and confident your code is correct then try clearing the cache using

rails tmp:cache:clear

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Ruby Method for encoding Bangla Unicode Text to Hex Value to Send Bangla SMS using SSLWireless

The following ruby method converts an Bengali Text to Hex value.

def encode_for_bangla_sms( text )

text_bangla = "১ ২ ৩, ১ ২ ৩ "
text_encoded = encode_for_bangla_sms text_bangla

SSLWireless providers a different stakeholder id for Bangla SMS. So if you use that along with the hex value, you should receive the Bangla text.

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Adding Ruby SDK to RubyMine from rbenv wsl

Run the following to get the ruby bin path

rbenv which ruby

You should get a path like the following


Now on RubyMine type Alt + Ctl + S to open settings and search for ‘sdk’. Under Languages & Frameworks you will find Ruby SDK and GEM; select it. Now click on the + icon and select ‘New Remote’. Now Select WSL, choose the linux invironment and paste the link we copied earlier. Now your SDK should be added to RubyMine.

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